Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Tips to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes Last

Here are some tips for meeting your healthy New Years resolutions:

Make a list of reasonable and attainable goals
Focus on one goal at a time
Keep food/activity/mood records - try FitDay or MyFitnessPal
Reward yourself for meeting your goals in healthy ways - massage, get your nails done, go hit golf balls
Choose a buddy to help you along the way

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Ten Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Question:  I have diabetes.  What can I eat during the holidays?

Answer:  The good news is that even with diabetes, you can partake in holiday meals and treats - you just need to be more aware of portions and which foods affect your blood sugars.

 Here are my best tips for eating healthy during the holidays for both people with diabetes and without:

10.  Never go to an event hungry; eat 3 meals, 3 snacks daily.
9.  Bring a dish that you know is "safe" for you to have - shrimp with cocktail sauce, meat/cheese tray, stuffed mushrooms, fresh veggies, salad, etc.
8.  Mingle; don't hang out around the food table.
7.  Try to plan gatherings that involve activities instead of just eating; maybe get some people to go sliding, skating, or skiing.  Window shopping can also be good exercise during the holidays!
6.  Limit the alcohol.
5.  Stick with more proteins and veggies at meals and appetizers.  Choose where you want to spend your carbs (starches, dessert, fruits, etc.).
4.  Take a walk or help clean up after large meals.
3.  Only eat 1 plateful of food; 1/4 plate protein, 1/4 plate starch, 1/2 plate non-starchy vegetables or salad.
2. Try new lower carb or lower fat versions of your favorite holiday recipes.
1.  Eat some fresh veggies or salad before you go to a party or before your meals.

Have a happy and joyful holiday season!